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2 October 2011

What do you do? Plan your day and dominate the world!

As a business owner you love your business, you live and breath it and when people ask you what you do you have to hold yourself back from being so passionate about your product or service that you can’t ever remember a time when you talked to others about a product just to earn a wage. The challenge with a first time business owner normally boils down to two questions, how do I do it? and should I do it? There came a time when I realised that although experience can teach you a lot of things, some of the things you learn by what I call hustling have a lot more value than reading any business book or blog. When I first started out in my business I would ask myself How do I get new clients? My initial thoughts and attitudes were thinking what is the coolest way I can impress my clients and let them know we have a great product and they should do business with us. My approach and attitude changed to where is an opportunity that I can take advantage of, how can I leverage what I already have and create new relationships and where should I focus my time.

Where do you spend your time?

Initially I think most business owners need some kind of skill outside of just an idea, that could be designing websites, developing a software program or creating new business relationships by picking up the phone and selling. My biggest struggle at first was thinking I needed to do everything, now I set a schedule of work to ensure I have un interrupted blocks of time to complete tasks. Google calendar is what I’m currently using to organise my schedule, however one problem with it is choosing sections other than 30 minute slots, other than that its pretty good.

Going for a run

The start of the day is always good to have a short run, for me it only works if I don’t talk to anyone put on my running trainers and jogging pants etc and get running. Having a good routine is vital to getting me in the mood for working. If your short for time, its best to do a short run than no run at all or if really pushed for time then if you have a reasonable distance to walk to work do that instead. By exercising I have a more active mind and better concentration when working in my office.

Reading what others are doing

I find you are most alert is in the morning and this is a good time to read up on your industry. Although this may seem a habit that you’ve formed, most people are passive readers in that they read the standard on the tube of a novel for escapism. This doesn’t help me progress my goals for the day and so I tend to read an industry blog related to business or marketing instead of what’s presented in front of me.

Speak to others and set your mood for the day

I think that anyone in any profession should engage in some kind of social or networking activity (not to be confused with social networking where you don’t have to speak with anybody verbally) first thing in the morning, as those who are more social have been proven in life to lead more fulfilling lives. If this is in the form of social networking then this is definitely a start although to contact people in high places you may need to get up earlier in the morning as these are busy people! These 2 hours aren’t how I spend every day but are certainly a good habit  that I hope to never give up.

Scheduled persistence

If you ask any top sales performer how they are so successful most of them wont be able to tell you. However one thing they all have in common, is they are persistent in scheduling follow ups to ensure any opportunities they create are followed up on and have the best chance of converting in to a sale.I engage in follow ups or anything from earlier the week before, you should schedule these in to either your google calendar or a CRM would be more suitable as google calendar you have to open each entry to see the call or email follow up and having lots of entries can become a little messy. i’ve stopped opening emails first thing in the morning, as if its really important they can call me 🙂 No seriously it ruins your productivity, as you open one email and it spirals in to a series of replying to lots of emails, deleting spam or unwanted/unimportant emails.

Time to be creative

Taking a half an hour out to read or write something whether its a proposal, marketing material or just reading your favorite blog is something that keeps me active and motivated for the afternoon. Lunch is a break I try and take a full hour for now, to ensure I digest my food properly and don’t rush it like I did working in the rat race and going to the gym all in a one hour lunch break. The afternoon is where I get my most leverage in terms of making calls, but always make sure that a) I have a 10 minute break and b) I switch up the activity that I’m doing so for example whether i’m following up previous emails and leads, I mix this up with contacting new companies in a specific sector.

So my question to you is “what do you do?”

A friend once joked “what do you do?” and I replied “I work as an account manager”, his response was “no what do you do everyday?” I said phone calls and emails, which to a certain extent is what many of us do. I try to switch my working week up so that when i’m in the office I’m productive and when out of the office I’m taking the business forward by meeting new clients.

Daily schedule

Let me know what you do and how you do maximise your daily productivity by leaving a comment below.

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