26 August

Do what scares you – My venture in to public speaking

Some say you should confront your fears and do one thing a day that scares you whether its chatting to a stranger, jumping out of an aeroplane or speaking in front of a big group of people. For me it was the latter…… How it all came about? I’m a big believer in networking which […]

13 August


If you’re anything like me you’ll get your fair share of interruptions each day. My new rule for being more productive after focusing on one task was that I would take down a note of what is required to do and then do it after I had finished my task. “BUT I NEED IT DONE […]

21 March

Rescue Time Productivity Tool

Productivity Tools – We all spend time avoiding doing what we should do. If you work in Digital then the odds are you spend a lot of the time on the computer. In this case an online tool is a great way of seeing how you are spending your working day. I came across this […]

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