21 September

Hackathon 4GEE

I went to my first hackathon a few weeks ago, and as I’ve made a rather late new years resolution to write more I’ve finally got around to finishing my blog post of my experiences of the weekend. As my first hackathon I was unsure of what to expect, and didn’t know whether my business […]

21 September

Overcoming adversity

Stress, its a horrible word but we all have to deal with it. One type of stress that is unexpected is sudden shocks in life which I recently went through when I lost a good friend of mine. This was followed by several other problems that all seem to come at once. Those who know […]

2 October

What do you do? Plan your day and dominate the world!

As a business owner you love your business, you live and breath it and when people ask you what you do you have to hold yourself back from being so passionate about your product or service that you can’t ever remember a time when you talked to others about a product just to earn a […]

4 September

My new approach to Networking

I think it was Albert Einstein who said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”. After attending a networking event on Wednesday in London, one of the speakers Andy Lopata a networking expert. He told the story of how at a networking event for the football industry […]

5 August

Mark Cann’s lessons from entrepreneurship

As my first business I don’t confess to be an expert. If you speak with any proclaimed business gurus who don’t tell you about any of their mistakes, they are either hiding them or haven’t actually been in business themselves outside of employment and should be treated with caution. I wanted to write this article […]

15 May
1 Comment

6 top tips to find new clients

After reading about a few entrepreneurs me and a few friends at University always asked ourselves the same question “how did they win clients?”. Since my University days I’ve had experience of the working world but that doesn’t make it any easier to find new clients as a new relatively unknown business. i thought I’d […]

6 May

Business Development for pro’s

I wanted to write this blog post as I like to think I’m a bit of a hybrid. By that I mean I can handle different areas as a business owner. I think sales has been tarnished as a dirty word. I’m not one to dwell in single mindiness as I believe all of your […]

14 January

Interview with Kirsty McCubbin

Kirsty Mccubbin director of Blue Indian Media and all round affiliate superstar kindly agreed to an interview and share her thoughts on affiliate marketing, living the four hour work week and errr being scottish! (My questions or comments are in bold). How the devil do I know you Kirsty? Hahah, Through social media outlets? Oh […]

24 October

Just ticking along nicely

I popped in my local cafe the other day and the guy whose running it started his business this year around the same time I started my business in April time. I asked him how it was doing and he didn’t have any complaints and said it was just ticking along nicely. This made me […]

16 September

Top 10 tips to manage your personal online repuation – Part 1

1) SEO yourself? if you Google your name what do you find at the moment? If you have no concept or understanding of SEO (Search engine optimisation) then a start would be to create a Google account and use Google reader to subscribe to feeds from from SEO blogs such as, and read Google’s […]

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